About Us

History Experience

CommScope PKI Center is a provider of PKI and other security-related services staffed by a team of dedicated professionals with 30+ years operational experience and security expertise.

  • Extensive security system design expertise operating and evolving a secure infrastructure for provisioning keys and certificates
  • Over 6 billion sets of identity data delivered to date
  • Secure, over-the-network delivery of keys and certificates to customer factories (including OEMs and ODMs) and repair centers in various regions, including the U.S., Mexico, China, India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America
  • Periodically audited by an independent auditor to ensure compliance with WebTrust criteria and additional customer-specified security requirements


The operational excellence of CommScope PKI Center has its roots in the early 1990s, developing a security key management infrastructure and operation to support our digital video systems that has well over 100M customer premise devices securing video content still in use today.

The original mission of CommScope PKI Center was the security of the company’s video CPE products, which protected the content delivered by the deploying service providers. With the rise of Web and the growing adoption of public key technologies, PKI Center leveraged its expertise and experience to provide PKI services to internal and external customers. Services have extended from factory to on-line certificate issuance and renewal, certificate authority hosting, on-line code signing (secure boot, platform and application including secure debug) supporting both custom and standards-based protocols.

Today, CommScope PKI Center has securely provisioned well over 6 billion sets of device identities. Devices that have relied on CommScope PKI Center services count in the hundreds of millions.

Experience & Operational Excellence

Besides supporting internal customers, CommScope PKi Center provides its services to industry consortia and individual commercial customers.

We operate certificate authorities in the CableLabs and CBRS ecosystems, under arrangements with Kyrio and WInnForum. To assure customers that our operations comply with recognized best practices and defined policies and procedures, CommScope PKI Center undergoes periodic audits by an independent, accredited auditor against WebTrust criteria, as well as requirements of the industry consortia.

CommScope PKI Center has operated certificate authorities issuing end-entity certificates in several CableLabs programs:

  • DOCSIS (since 2001)
  • PacketCable (since 2002)
  • OpenCable (since 2018)

Previously we also operated a root certificate authority for WiMAX Forum, serving WiMAX devices worldwide.

Having served the varied needs of internal and external customers in many programs, our team of experts has developed extensive security integration experience with SoCs and secure microcontrollers from leading vendors, including products from Broadcom, Infineon, Intel, NXP, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, and more.