CommScope Public Root CA Certificates Now Included in Mozilla's CA Certificate Program

Principal Systems Engineer
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CommScope Public Root CA Certificates Now Included in Mozilla’s CA Certificate Program

At CommScope, we are excited to report that we have reached a milestone in our quest to extend our services into the public CA (certificate authority) space. The certificates of four root CAs operated by CommScope PKI Center are now included Mozilla’s CA Certificate Program. This means TLS server certificates issued by subordinate CAs under those root CAs will be trusted by default by Firefox, as well as browsers and Linux distributions that base their trust stores on Mozilla’s program.

In addition to Mozilla’s, there are three other major root programs – those of Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Together, they cover the vast majority of browsers and computing devices used by consumers. In the near future, CommScope intends to apply to these other programs for inclusion of our public root CAs as well. When we do that, we will build on the preparation we made and the experience we gained when during our application to Mozilla’s program.

About CommScope PKI Center

CommScope PKI Center has more than 30+ years of experience serving the PKI needs of device manufacturers and service providers. Over the years, we have securely installed over 6 billion sets of device identity credentials through different channels at different stages of device lifecycle. We deliver CA and device identity provisioning services across 200+ OEM/ODM/repair locations spanning 30+ countries. Besides serving our own products and solutions we deliver, our services are provided to external customers, such as Motorola and Broadcom.

We have successfully provided over-the-air solutions to more than a dozen leading domestic and international service providers, such as Verizon and T-Mobile, enabling them to upgrade device cryptographic identities and enhance security in real-world deployments. The devices we supported include mobile phones, wireless access points, mobile network base stations, home gateways, cable modems, and set-top boxes.

We are constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers. Recently, we are expanding our services to support IoT devices.

With a wealth of experience dealing with device manufacturing, deployment and operation, CommScope PKI Center is well positioned to serve device manufacturers and operators of device fleets. We understand the challenges device manufacturers and service providers face when trying to meet the PKI requirements from industry consortia such as CableLabs, WInnForum, and CSA. We have seen, and solved, the problems that arise in global manufacturing operations and post-deployment network operations, such as duplicate device identities and changes in network trust.