SODIACS Starts to Distribute Software to Customers for CommScope On October 23, 2023

Director of Software Engineering – Security Solutions
1 minute read

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We are pleased to announce that, today, the SODIACS™ (Software Distribution Access Control System) platform starts to provide CommScope’s software to hundreds of customer accounts, and thousands of individual users.

Spearheaded by the CommScope Sentry™ team (formerly known as the CommScope PKI Center), SODIACS is a platform designed to empower software vendors with user-friendly interfaces for publishing software and providing entitlements to their enterprise customers. It is a multi-tenant SaaS solution for any software vendors who need to distribute their software to their customers and partners across the world. This innovative system ensures compliance with U.S. government export control regulations. It significantly reduces the export control burden on software vendors while putting ultimate control in their hands. The design of SODIACS draws from CommScope’s experience as both a software vendor and a customer of other software vendors. SODIACS eliminates many pain points experienced by software vendors and their customers in other software distribution systems.

To learn more about SODIACS, please visit our software distribution solution page.

If you are a software vendor interested in efficiently distributing your software products to your valued customers, we welcome you to get in touch with us for more information.