Code Signing and Encryption

Centralized Code Signing Service Access Options System Security Algorithms Debug-Access Tokens

Our PRiSM (Permission Rights Signing Manager) is a powerful tool enabling software protection against tampering, theft of IP, reverse engineering, software piracy and malware attacks.

  • Online managed protection of code signing, encryption and obfuscation with traceable user activities
  • Service accessible through web-based GUI, RESTful API and command-line tool
  • Support for signing Java, Android, Windows, Linux, and Dockerized applications, DOCSIS cable modems firmware, and many more
  • Support for custom chip-specific code signing and encryption formats
  • Locally-performed code encryption secured with hardware crypto token
  • Enablement of secure and controlled access to software and hardware-based debugging capabilities
  • Protected infrastructure with multiple security layers and disaster recovery provisions
PRiSM Diagram
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Centralized Code Signing Service with Auditable Access

The detailed activity logging in PRiSM help trace unauthorized or suspicious actions to the user or client involved. Analysis of PRiSM’s activity logs can provide such information as

  • what object was signed
  • what key/certificate was used
  • which code signing/encryption/obfuscation tool was used
  • which user or programmatic client initiated the action

Multiple Interfaces For Service Access

PRiSM offers both a user portal as well as automated machine-to-machine (M2M) interfaces. The user portal is protected by hardware-based two-factor authentication, enabling secure user access to the service from any location. To support automation, PRiSM offers two M2M interfaces, which allow programmatic clients, such as build servers, to access the code signing service without human intervention. To protect M2M access to PRiSM, we provide hardware cryptographic tokens for our customers to integrate with their automated clients.

Robust System Security

Designed to deliver best-in-class security, PRiSM is hosted on a server cluster equipped with hardware security modules (HSMs), and protected by multiple layers of physical and network security. All code signing and encryption keys are protected by HSMs. All network devices and physical hosts are hardened according to the latest security guidelines. Periodic network scanning and penetration testing are conducted to further reduce risks. CommScope geographically-diverse disaster recovery capability and business continuity planning provide assurance of system availability in case of disasters and other disruptive events.


Code-Signing/Encryption Formats & Algorithms

PRiSM supports a wide variety of standard cryptographic algorithms. It also supports many industry-standard code signing formats, such as Android APK signing, JAR signatures, Microsoft Authenticode, Docker containers, Kubernetes Helm charts, just to name a few.

Custom Chip-Specific Code Signing Formats

In addition to standard algorithms and formats, PRiSM can also perform code encryption and signing according to customized or proprietary formats, which are often required by secure SoCs and microcontrollers. Example vendor-specific bootloader formats we support include those of STMicroelectronics, Broadcom, Qualcomm, HiSilicon, Xilinx, Maxilinear, MediaTek, Intel, TI, and more. With our expertise and experience, we can support new formats as needed with ease.

Code Obfuscation

Even with secure boot and code encryption fully enabled on your platform, a sophisticated adversary may find a way to reverse engineer and corrupt your software while it is executing. Our code obfuscation services use mathematical transformations to make such attacks very hard and in most cases impractical. If you are utilizing an LLVM compiler, you will be able to generate an intermediate binary in bitcode format and have it transformed by our PRiSM obfuscation service.


Signed Secure Debug Access Tokens

With PRiSM, developers can perform debugging without compromising the security of deployed production devices. The services provides secure debugging access to developers, testers, and integrators. During product development and testing, normally-disabled features may need to be temporarily enabled. PRiSM can issue signed data objects (debug access tokens) that authorize temporary, controlled access to debugging features only on development devices in labs.

Learn More

To learn more about our code signing and secure debug access solutions, please see our whitepaper on PRiSM. See our joint technical paper with CableLabs on secure boot and trusted boot solutions, in which code signing plays a pivotal role and our paper in the SCTE Technical Journal on an advanced code signing technique (on p.29). More resources can be found at our resources page.