PKIWorks™ Basics

User-Friendly Key and Certificate Management for Device Credentials
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PKIWorks™ Basics offers a user-friendly and trusted platform designed for organizations to request and obtain their keys and certificates. With personalized login accounts, authorized users can access the system anytime from anywhere and securely submit their requests and orders, specifying their unique requirements. The users can conveniently retrieve their keys/certificates in downloadable file formats, providing them with the necessary credentials.

Customer Account Protection

PKIWorks™ Basics supports two-factor user authentication for stronger customer account protection. Depending on their key and certificate needs in PKIWorks™ Basics, users are issued a cryptographic USB token or set up time-based one-time-password (TOTP) on their smart phone or computer. The token or TOTP (factor 1) is required, in addition to token password or user password (factor 2), to access and use PKIWorks™ Basics.

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Unlock Your Potential

PKIWorks™ Basics supports standard CAs (WInnForum CBRS, CSA Matter, etc.) and Enterprise CAs (like in the dynamic realm of 5G, etc.), as well as diverse PKI identities, for greater control of your company's certificates.

PKIWorks™ Basics offers a comprehensive range of capabilities to meet your unique requirements. With support for standard X.509 digital certificates (version 3), our platform enables the generation of RSA and ECC key pairs or process of Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) with customer-generated RSA/ECC public keys. The solution accommodates various hash functions, including SHA2 and SHA3.

Accelerate Your Production

PKIWorks™ Basics supports rapid and secure batch processing. For large volume device manufacturers who require a substantial quantity of keys and certificates, PKIWorks™ Basics is optimized for performance, enabling quick response times for large orders. It has the capability to generate a batch of keys and certificates using customer device IDs submitted. Additionally, PKIWorks™ Basics supports automatic ID assignment within a predefined range, ensuring a streamlined and straightforward order submission process. In scenarios where customers request PKIWorks™ Basics to generate private keys alongside digital certificates, an added layer of security is provided. The private keys are encrypted by the user's cryptographic USB token, offering robust two-factor protection for enhanced confidentiality.

Embrace Error-Free Identity Enforcement for Cost Avoidance

With PKIWorks™ Basics, device digital identity uniqueness is enforced to avoid human errors and ensure seamless operations. Our robust system rigorously validates every request, rejecting duplicated device IDs in whitelists or Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs), as well as duplicated public keys used in CSRs and invalid parameters that deviate from pre-defined certificate profiles. By upholding the principles of "uniqueness" and "consistency," we guarantee that only accurate and valid requests are processed. Rest assured, we do not charge customers for rejected requests, saving you valuable time and cost in the ordering process.

Empower Your Policies and Ecosystem Compliance

PKIWorks™ Basics provides configurable key retention solutions that are tailored to meet your specific policies and ecosystem requirements. With PKIWorks™, we work closely with you to configure the retention policy for private keys generated for each customer. For instance, if desired, we can delete all PKIWorks™ Basics copies of the private keys as soon as the customers confirms successful installation of these keys or after a configurable timeout period. We also ensure compliance with ecosystem-specific standards and regulations.

Unleash Manageability and Visibility

PKIWorks™ Basics offers a wide range of features such as status reports, alerts, search and device ID uniqueness enforcement. Such features enhance the user experience and provide convenience to users for their day-to-day activities in managing their device IDs, keys and certificates:

  • Track the status of key and certificate orders with comprehensive reports that cover the submission, pending, processing, and completion stages.
  • Gain valuable insights into your certificate landscape through various summary reports, providing a clear overview of recently issued, expiring, and expired certificates.
  • Take advantage of the advanced search capabilities to quickly locate and manage specific certificates.
  • Make it easy to specify ID ranges based on configurable ID assignment policies, such as next-available and ID skipping, enabling customers to efficiently manage their ID space, and ensuring the uniqueness of each ID.