Software Distribution

B2B Software Distribution with Export Control Compliance
Export Control Access Control User Store Integration Web Portal and API High Availability Competitive Pricing

SODIACS™ (Software Distribution Access Control System) is a B2B software distribution solution with built-in export control capabilities. It enables any business that has a need to distribute software to another business to store, organize, and publish software, grant download permissions and be compliant with government export control laws and regulations.

  • Export control compliance
  • Role-based access control
  • Leveraging existing user credentials
  • User-friendly web portal and software publishing API
  • High availability and security
  • Competitive and flexible pricing


Government mandated export control is a big challenge for software vendors that have international customers and partners, as well as their own overseas offices. Export control laws and regulations are complicated and the penalty for noncompliance could be very severe. SODIACS helps software vendors become and stay in compliance with software export control laws and regulations. SODIACS requires every software package to have export control classifications, and checks if an attempt to download a package should be blocked according to any applicable export control rules. As companies, people, and locations could be misidentified due to similar names, addresses, or other attributes, some download attempts could be blocked unnecessarily. SODIACS allows users on a software vendor’s trade compliance team to review blocked download attempts and override the blocks if the downloader or the destination is misidentified.


SODIACS supports role-based access control, enabling flexible user permission management via role assignments. SODIACS's predefined roles are based on common essential responsibilities and needs in software distribution processes. Examples of roles in SODIACS include Vendor Admin, Product Manager, Account Manager, Software Publisher, Software Downloader, and Trade Compliance Specialist, etc. They can be assigned to software vendor employee, customer and partner users based on the tasks they would perform in the system.


Many software vendors have existing user directories with employee, customer, and partner users’ credentials. SODIACS can integrate with such user directories over LDAP, OAuth2, or SAML. Once SODIACS is integrated with a software vendor’s user directory, the software vendor’s employees, customers, and partners can use their existing credentials to sign into SODIACS. SODIACS does not require any change to the existing user management policies already in place.


Both software vendors and their customers want an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand user interface in a software distribution system so that they can do what they need to do without too much distraction and thinking. SODIACS has a simple and intuitive user interface that does not require extensive user training. With SODIACS, both software vendor users and customer users can hit the ground running as soon as they gain access.

For software vendors who have an automated software build process, SODIACS can help extend such a process to include software publishing steps, such as uploading software packages, setting their publishing status, and granting download permission to certain customer users.


To a software vendor, it is very important for its customers and partners to be able to download the software they are entitled to when they need it. In addition, a software distribution platform must be able to prevent unauthorized access to the software it holds. SODIACS is hosted on a highly available and scalable infrastructure in a secure facility. Every aspect of the hosting environment of SODIACS is monitored 24x7. SODIACS is also hosted in a remote disaster recovery facility with real-time data replication from the primary facility.


A software distribution system is a necessary tool for software vendors to serve their customers and should not impose an increasing financial burden when their business grows. We, being a software vendor ourselves, understand the frustration caused by ever increasing cost of software distribution when there are more and more software packages and customers. That is why, with any software vendor considering SODIACS, we try to understand their initial needs and their growth projection before getting to price discussion. We can customize our pricing structure for small, medium and large software vendors. Contact us to be compliant with export control laws and save on software distribution costs.